Drink Less

Many of us enjoy a glass of something alcoholic to chill out, have fun or generally pass the time. But how much we drink can increase without us really thinking about it.

We can start drinking more for lots of reasons. Maybe work has become more stressful, you have more spare time after retiring, perhaps your children have moved out, or life is just generally feeling difficult.

Why not try swapping your next drink for a non-alcoholic alternative? Even cutting back small amounts can give you more energy to play with the grandchildren, help you lose weight, give you confidence to go out and try new things, or have a clear head to get that project done at work!

Support to be a healthier you

In Islington, you can access a range of support services depending on your need. This may include brief intervention or more specialist support in online or face to face settings. These services include:

  • Specialist support services
    • Specialist support services

      Struggling to cut down or think your drinking might be out of control? Realising that you have a problem is the first step to making a positive change.

      In Islington there is specialist support available if you are worried about your drinking or somebody else’s. If you live in Islington or are registered with a Islington GP, get in touch with your local service:

      Islington Better Lives

      The service is able to offer assessment, care planning, one to one and family support, groups and access to medical assessments where required. Services are offered within the community at locations across the borough including; GP surgeries, hostels and hospitals.