Glass Half full

Many of us enjoy a glass of something alcoholic to chill out, have fun or generally pass the time. But how much we drink can increase without us really thinking about it.

We can start drinking more for lots of reasons. Maybe work has become more stressful, you have more spare time after retiring, perhaps your children have moved out, or life is just generally feeling difficult.

Why not try swapping your next drink for a non-alcoholic alternative? Even cutting back small amounts can give you more energy to play with the grandchildren, help you lose weight, give you confidence to go out and try new things, or have a clear head to get that project done at work!

  • Get support around alcohol use
    • Get support around alcohol use

      You can speak with your GP. Or, if you live in Islington, or are registered with a GP in Islington, you can access the Better Lives service. The service provides help and support if you are worried either about your drinking or somebody else’s.

      Contact Better Lives:
      icon–phone 020 3317 6650
      icon–mail for information or to make a referral.
      icon–location 99-101 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London N7 7QP AND 309 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8QS

      Visit the Better Lives website for further information.